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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sword Apak President and CEO, Tony Allen, reflects on an award-winning 2016 and prepares for 2017

Sword Apak President and CEO, Tony Allen, reflects on an award-winning 2016 and prepares for 2017

2016 has been a fantastic year for Sword Apak as we have continued to expand globally by welcoming new clients, developing partnerships and celebrating a new, creative US office. Our client base and our team have grown along with this success and we are looking forward to a year of further achievement in 2017.

This year has been a time of recognition for the company; we have celebrated with industry peers at various events and have accepted many awards for our Wholesale Finance System (WFS), including IT Services Provider of the Year at the Motor Finance Awards and Wholesale Finance Provider of the Year at the International Auto Finance Network Awards. Our Aurius core banking system was recognized as the Best Core Banking System/Service later in the year at the Banking Technology Awards. Our team takes immense pride in developing, maintaining and innovating our systems and processes and we are proud to have achieved such prestigious recognition across the board.

Outside of industry recognition, we were thrilled to be awarded the “Best Newcomer” award at the local Travelwest Business Awards in the UK. The award recognized Sword Apak’s commitment to sustainable travel and the investment we have put in to creating an innovative and employee-focused office space for our team.

Sword Apak has continuously expanded across the globe over the last few decades and furthered that reach in 2016. We’ve branched into the Asia Pacific region, as well as greeting new clients in the US, Europe, South Africa and South America.

With a rapidly changing environment following changes such as Brexit, increasing digitalization and heightened competition, 2017 is looking full of challenges and opportunities for businesses across the marketplace. Sword Apak will continue its preparedness planning for the potential post-referendum outcomes to ensure we can constantly support our clients, partners and employees at a time of great uncertainty but of great possibility.

We look forward to announcing exciting company news in 2017 which further expands our product and services offering to new and existing clients.

Thank you to all that have been part of a fantastic 2016. We look forward to a successful 2017 with you.

Happy New Year!

Tony Allen