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Monday, July 10, 2017

Sword Apak Adds a New Agile Development Edge

Sword Apak Adds a New Agile Development Edge

Speed and agility in financial services are of increasing importance; the capacity for software solutions to echo this need is the thinking behind Sword Apak’s decision to integrate Sword Mobile into the business as a full support proposition to new and existing clients across automotive and asset finance. Sword Mobile, previously Mobile Productivity was added to the Sword Group in 2014, bringing their expertise in retail front end application development.

Commenting on the move to fully integrate the Sword Mobile business into the Sword Apak proposition Tony Allen, CEO at Sword Apak notes; “Business leaders are increasingly looking for the same type of app-led flexibility they see as consumers in their working and personal lives. We are seeing more business clients looking for tools that can bridge gaps in their operations. The capacity to develop such tools quickly and effectively provides the thinking for integrating the additional services and solutions into our core business and making it available to our clients worldwide.”  

As well as providing new expertise to Sword Apak’s clients, the business also aims to leverage Sword Mobile’s distinct customer base to extend its reach further into the asset finance environment.

“Our expertise in wholesale funding in the auto finance market is well established in many countries and growing increased momentum in others. Increasingly, we have also developed our footprint into asset finance, enabling finance providers and OEMs to provide a high level of wholesale finance stock management expertise. Our new integrated approach will enable us to provide a wider proposition to the two customer bases previously served by the businesses.

Areas such as plant and machinery, commercial vehicles and yellow goods provide ideal platforms for our expertise, but we are also very open to other opportunities as they present themselves; after all, the key principle of this strategic development is agility and we can certainly deliver this”, concludes Allen.

The integration of the businesses will become effective from July 1st, 2017 and the Newbury offices of Sword Mobile will form part of Sword Apak’s growing global office support network.