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Address Management


Sword Apak is a leading supplier of Data Management solutions to major organisations throughout the UK. Our software has been quality tested by Royal Mail and has helped companies to save over 30% on postage costs, reduce data entry time by up to 80% and ensure that a constant, high standard of data accuracy is maintained.

Products supplied are based on a modular system of components which combine to offer cost effective and powerful address processing solutions. These can be specifically tailored to match a customer’s exact requirements and are available on a broad platform range including Mainframe, UNIX and PC systems.

In addition, Sword Apak provides a full range of professional services including deduplication, postcode correction, full address and name analysis. Many companies choose to take advantage of our free database health-check, available on request from our customer services team.

As a Solution Provider of Royal Mail data, Sword Apak utilises the Postcode Address File (PAF) to correct and validate address data, cutting out costly returned mail. Our Postal Discount Software has been quality tested by Royal Mail.

Sword Apak became a supplier of address management software when it acquired data specialists LM Software in October 1999.