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Welcome to Sword Apak

Financial Systems Specialists


Your global partner in financial systems solutions
At Sword Apak we know how to do business. And we know how to do technology. We deliver robust and strategic financial systems solutions world-wide for the financial services industry. Our clients agree we do it well, with speed, agility and assurance.

We’re always innovating
Sword Apak develops, implements and supports innovative global software solutions for the wholesale floorplanning and banking sectors. We’ve done it for over three decades. We’re still innovating. Our teams provide integrated business consultancy and IT services to ensure our client’s commercial aspirations are met – and even exceeded.

Unmatched Wholesale Floorplanning expertise
We have the largest worldwide network of business and technical expertise in wholesale floorplanning. With this capability we can meet the toughest business challenges and deliver business-critical solutions that work.

Well-connected around the world
As part of the Sword Group, we have access to global office and hosting resources. We provide businesses with a responsive local presence, flexible Software as a Service and in-house delivery options for worldwide funding operations.